Fun Foods

Cotton Candy Machine

Includes Sugar And Cones For 50 People
Commercial Strength
Produces Cotton Candy Within Seconds
Blue Or Pink Sugar
$85.00 Per Machine

Popcorn Machine

Vintage Style 4oz Popper
Popcorn Kernels And Oil Supplied
50 - 2oz Servings
$85.00 Per Machine

Snow Cone Machine

Produces Shaved Ice In Seconds
Includes Flavor Syrup
50 - 6oz Cones Included
**Ice Not Included**
$85.00 Per Machine

Ice Cream Cart

Comes With The Umbrella
Commercial Grade
Dry Ice Included
**Ice Cream Not Included**
$175.00 Per Cart

5Ft Charcoal Grill

2FTx5FT Charcoal Grill
Features 10 Square Feet Of Grilling Space
Perfect For Grilling Steaks, Chicken, Hamburgers, And So Much More
Charcoal And Lighter Fluid Can Be added for An Additional Charge
$100.00 Per Grill